All photography provided by Jared Chambers

We are the largest U.S.C.G. approved training group of independent instructors in the United States with approved training sites nationwide.  We offer OUPV (6 Pack) through 200 Ton Masters Courses, sailing endorsement, towing assist endorsement and FCC Radio to individuals wishing to become professionally licensed mariners or upgrading their current grade in the Merchant Marine.


Our Mission

To provide consistency and excellence in training individuals and professional mariners to the highest standards required by the United States' Coast Guard for successful licensure, upgrades and endorsements for the professional maritime industry.

What We've Achieved

  • We have trained thousands of individuals to become professional Mariners
  • We are the largest independently owned Coast Guard approved training group in the United States.
  • Our curriculum is accredited through college workforce training programs throughout the Nation.
  • Our instructors are professional mariners themselves and bring real life situations to the table, enhancing the classroom experience.
  • We have convenient locations nationwide. 
  • Taking a class from us is more than just a class for licensure, we make it fun and dynamic and once you've been a student, you are always welcome to come to a refresher course of the same course you took, free of charge, in the future.
  • We have more working licensed captains with hands on experience teaching our classes than any other group.
  • One of the highest student success rates around.